Shining Bridges
​  creating rites of passage for girls

 Retreat Description:

 Engage in a lively weekend of conversation and celebration as you take part in the fun and sacred art of creating a rite of  passage for the adolescent girl in your life.  As a participant, you will take an immersive walk through a weekend rite of  passage, learning how to create a room of wisdom, a room of stories, and a room of blessing, as well as having the  opportunity to journal  and create templates for planning such an event of your own. The Shining Bridges retreat  provides the space to explore mentorship opportunities by using life-storytelling and sacred symbol as significant  pathways.

 "In a nutshell, mentorship is gifting another with the wisdom you’ve gleaned for yourself- the insight,        enlightenment, and creativity that comes from your singly unique soul. Every symbol explained, every  word expanded upon, every trinket from your life today or time past opens up a young girl’s world into  the wisdom and inspiration of another soul's walk on the edges and main thoroughfares of  womanhood."   ​-Gina Marie Mammano
                  "I can't believe all these women would show up just for me."    - Ginny Schneider, age 14


"We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out."

- Ray Bradbury

 "Mentoring isn't just about sitting under the bodhi tree of wisdom, it's also sharing vulnerable stories about adolescent crushes, demonstrating how to replace a chain on a bicycle, or teaching a kid how to cook broccoli. A mentor is someone worthy of trust in a given area, whether it's quilting or quantum physics."

- Gina Marie Mammano