Retreats and Soul Baths

​​Seasonal Soul Baths 

Book a seasonal soul bath with Energy and Sound Healing Therapy Practitioner Karen Calhoun and Poet, Author, and Spiritual Director Gina Marie Mammano for an afternoon of seasonal "soul bathing". This is a 3 hour event that includes currents of guided meditation, native flute, "Where I Come From" poetry, seasonal rhythm circle and creating a "soul-ripening" intention box in the fall,  
a voice bath of story, soothing voice entoning, essential oil self massage, and painted rock mandalas in the winter, handpan and singing bowl sound bath, poetic guided meditation, crafting a spring solace haiku and creating a painted finger labyrinth in spring. A summer soul bath is also available.  Treat your group to an afternoon of soothing, seasonal, beautiful self-care.

Here's what folks are saying:

​"It was so wonderful and soothing- thank you Gina and Karen! Looking forward to the next one!"
- Valerie Reinke, Bainbridge Island

"I loved it sooo much." - Cordula Hetland, Whidbey Island​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       "Thank you Gina and Karen for a wonderful experience. . . I felt like the summer-into-autumn soul bath washed a few years off me.  I felt lighter afterward and definitely refreshed.  I look forward to more opportunities for soul bathing! Thank you again!!! Blissful ...."  - Lori Barian, Whidbey Island