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Camino Divina- Walking the Divine Way

Inspired by the ancient spiritual practices of lectio divina and walking meditation, camino divina helps you explore whole new worlds inside yourself as well as re-view the natural world around you by combining mindful walking, inspiring phrases and spiritual exercises. Your ancient and contemporary companions are spiritual luminaries such as Wendell Berry, Mary Oliver, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Hildegard of Bingen, John O'Donohue and more, whose wise words provide nourishment for all kinds of journeys into your soul.
"For one who teaches walking meditation, I wish I could make this lovely book required reading for all my students. Although it is equally good for anybody--walking or not--on how to see, how to sense, and how to savor.  Walk with the saints-- and become one, it might just be saying!"  - Fr. Richard Rohr

A Wider Sky of Profound

"A Wider Sky of Profound" is a three-part poetic exploration of soul-journey through the misperceptions, miscalculations, and misgivings of childhood, the triumphs and deep wounds of young womanhood, and the mystical, open-ended discoveries of both fledgling and full-fledged adulthood. It is open skies, wide universes, and glimpses of purpose and personhood squeezed out through life's shadowboxes into a wider sky of profound.
Bones of Lace, Sockets of Sorrow
Meditations on Jesus, the WordPoet

This meditative book creates an entrance to the internal landscape of the holy season. It gives voice to Jesus as free-verse poet during his last days on earth and is a passionate, edgy look at his life as Poet and Word- The WordPoet as well as offers a place to enter your own internal spaces for contemplation during this sacred time.

"Gina Marie Mammano writes breathtaking poetry that transports me to the moment, the idea, and to the refreshingly bold and tender images of Christ she shares. These writings add color, dimension, and surprising grab-hold-of edges to faith.... This exceptional pilgrimage is one that I plan to make a part of my reading year, every year. Well done Ms. Mammano. Thank you for putting your words out into the world."  -Amazon customer

"Gina's poems reach deep into the earth to find what it unseen. The imagery is rich and powerful yet extremely personal....They are already taking root in my inner being and are becoming a part of my spiritual practices." - J. Gregorius

"I devoured this beautiful work of art in one night, many times moved to tears." - L. Bruch